I spend a great deal of my teaching time providing feedback on writing. Some of this is technical and some conceptual.  Over time, I have found that a number of thematics recur.  This set of pages are designed to focus on these recurring thematics.


Once set has to do with APA style.  This is a style that I have used all through my graduate studies and my academic career.  I have been subject to several editions, each with their own peculiar set of conventions.  In one edition a change may be made only to have that change revert back to a former edition's conventions later on.  All style manuals can be frustrating.  Of course, now software can generate many different styles for you but I have found that none of these is perfect and it is important for anyone working in academic settings to learn the basics.  So, that's what I will offer in this section.


In the past, I have been asked to provide advice on curriculum vitae preparation. A few years back, as part of a writing support role for graduate students, I presented a workshop on c.v. preparation...I call it the Zen of C.V. Preparation because c.v. preparation is about a stance you take towards the reader of your c.v.



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